A lecture at Casnati to launch the Café Milani project

A lecture at Casnati Study Center to launch Caffè Milani project

This season gave Memesi an inspiring experience: an invitation to lecture at school to accompany high school students in developing a creative concept for Caffè Milani.

A big thank you for the opportunity goes to the Como Casnati Study Center and, in particular, Director Discacciati and Professor Sampietro, who chose to involve Memesi in the project.

For the presentation of the papers, Memesi shared its know-how and brought a number of inspirational insights, as well as technical pointers, useful for directing pupils and stimulating their creativity.

The request, which is still top secret, starts precisely from the historic Caffè Milani, a coffee producer born in 1937 in Como and now sold all over the world, which has always been a promoter of collaboration with local realities, including the well-established one with the Casnati Center.
The high school, recognized Cambridge International School, is in turn a positively active player in the social fabric and a point of reference for high-level education, which reconciles quality teaching with concrete project experiences, a key point for enhancing the creativity of young students.

The collaboration with these beautiful realities and the warm welcome of the children made this an experience to remember.
Now the ball passes to the pupils, who will return in September each with their own creative proposals, which will be evaluated and selected together with Caffè Milani.