Blooming Room is the space that allows students' talent to flourish by diving them into the working environment, contributing to the orientation, training and job placement of young creatives.



Memesi Customers support the territory by directly contributing to charitable donations with their purchases. At the end of the year, Memesi donates 1% of its turnover to a non-profit organization.


Blooming Room involves undergraduates and postgraduate students: the Bloomers will personally follow a real Client's project from start to finish, making the greatest contribution, with constant supervision and the careful strategic and creative direction of Memesi, which ensures both the success of the project and the effective "blooming" of the participants.

Fostering the growth of young talent, especially in a local context, makes it possible to enhance the social and economic fabric of the area, an aspect that fits perfectly with the philosophy of Memesi.

Blooming Room is a winning formula: 

For students, who have the opportunity to personally follow a project that will come to life in the marketplace. Interfacing with the agency environment and its clients and making a mark in the real world. 

For clients, who can access a high-quality service at a lower price, while also becoming a spokesperson for a project with a common benefit, which reflexively enhances their reputation. 

For universities, which enrich their job placement services and promote the inclusion of their enrollees in the job scene. 

For Memesi, which fulfills its vocation as a promoter of talent and territory enhancement, as well as ensuring access to the Firm's services to struggling businesses. 


In addition to supporting its clients on a daily basis through its services, Memesi concretely helps the local area with annual charitable donations. Through direct sponsorship, Memesi is committed to donating 1 percent of its revenues to organizations and associations that leave a positive mark in the social and environmental context.


For 2023, we chose the young association WeRoof, a collective of girls and boys from Como that organizes inclusive activities promoting a model of active citizenship.

Events held by WeRoof include park and street cleanups, cineforums, and more. The association is a point of reference in the area for young people, businesses and institutions who want to make an informed contribution to the local community.