Memesi and Casnati: together for the new address

Memesi Partnering with Como's Casnati Study Center for the new Communication Design Course.

We are very proud of the new assignment given by the Como Casnati Study Center, which sees us responsible for ensuring a path of growth and success for its members. Memesi has always placed a special emphasis on bringing tangible value to the area, and declining this opportunity would have been far from the Firm's values.

The announcement of the launch of the Communication Design course for the coming school year represents a significant moment. The firm's founders will be involved as teachers, but more importantly as attentive guides to the educational path of the new generation of students, who will have to deal with an increasingly competitive and complex field.

Giulia Corti and Luca Bernasconi will provide their experience in the field of communication, with the aim of instructing students following the ministerial guidelines of the course, but with a more transversal slant that will also prepare them to experience that dynamic world typical of communication agencies and studios. This approach will provide students with a wealth of skills and know-how that will make them better prepared to face the job market, or for the choice of university path, which is very often specific and vertical.