MEMES1% is born and for 2023 it chooses WeRoof

MEMES1% is born and for 2023 it chooses WeRoof

Leaving a positive impact on the territory is a crucial point in the daily work of Memesi, which from this year strengthens this vocation with the MEMES1% initiative, providing annual donations destined for nonprofits moved by values consistent with those of the Firm.

Memesi commits, therefore, to donate 1 percent of its turnover to annually selected local organizations and associations, which can use the donated percentage to develop their activities, producing a positive return in the entire local area.

This means that Clients Memesi become key players in the project, contributing to solidarity donations.
In addition to giving concrete support through each collaboration with Memesi, the Firm's Clients are involved in digital and non-digital communication activities to learn about the selected association and become aware of the issues it addresses.

In fact, every year, Memesi is committed to organizing initiatives that bring association and business closer together: the firm assumes the role of a bridge between stakeholders and nonprofits, raising awareness among the former and allowing the latter to connect with the valuable network of potential supporters.

The association inaugurating the MEMES1% initiative is WeRoof, a youth collective that organizes inclusive activities promoting a model of active citizenship in the context of Lake Como.
All activities commissioned at Memesi during 2023 will go toward the total amount that will be donated to WeRoof at the end of the year.
WeRoof's youth will be able to use this donation to carry out their activities, which to date include cineforums, cleaning parks and streets, and organizing musical and cultural events in and around Como.

The association founded in 2017 now involves more than 200 members and cultivates an important network of collaborations with other nonprofits and brands, including Timberland and Mandarin Oriental.
With a focus on environmental issues and moved by strong ties to the local area, WeRoof has become a point of reference for young people, companies and institutions who want to make a conscious contribution to the local community.