UYBA Volleyball's Metamorphosis: Memesi presents the new logo!

UYBA Volleyball's Metamorphosis: Memesi presents the new logo!

The butterfly, the iconic symbol of UYBA Volleyball, soars on a new era for the Busto Arsizio team. A preview of the rebranding developed by Memesi, a bold act that marks a turning point in the history of the women's volleyball team in the A1 series, was unveiled Monday during the UYBA Sponsor Meet event. 

Giulia Corti and Luca Bernasconi led the presentation of the new logo, unveiled in a three-dimensional cartoon and reproduced in unison on the LEDs of the E-work Arena, lit up in red and white. The new face of the team took shape in front of the eyes of more than 200 people. The new identity, a combination of the butterfly in Gestalt, a unique font developed for the occasion from the volleyball court form, and the typical red color, captures the very essence of the team: strength, determination and elegance.

The change goes beyond the visual aspect: this rebranding does not follow trends in the sports world, but aims to redefine them. It represents an evolution, an expression of personality that goes far beyond the playing field.

During the event, key figures from the team and the club spoke, outlining the promising future of UYBA Volleyball. Among those present were President Giuseppe Pirola, CEO Gianluigi Viganò and DG Mattia Moro, who expressed confidence in the new sports project.

UYBA looks ahead with determination, ready to make its mark on and off the court. In this new chapter, Memesi remains at the center of the transformation, leading the graphic expression of the team's identity to new successes. The butterfly has taken flight, and with it, UYBA Volleyball prepares to write a new page in its history.

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