Tognola Group renews trust in Memesi for a new year

Tognola Group renews trust in Memesi for a new year

The Tognola Group consists of several companies operating in the real estate sector. It offers a wide range of services from real estate planning to its construction and sale, focusing mainly on three activities: acquisition, development and construction of residential complexes.

Headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, Tognola Group has been operating for more than 15 years in the real estate market with the determination to pursue its values and achieve increasingly visionary and complex objectives. Vision is what allows the Group to establish itself with extraordinary results and to enjoy the highest level of trust from its clients and partners.

Tognola Group has embarked together with Memesi on a targeted communication path, with the aim of promoting its business on the international scene, starting with the rebranding of the brand.

The new year of collaboration will focus on consolidating digital activities on the web and social channels, as well as enhancing and promoting different high standing real estate promotions located on Swiss territory, including an exclusive luxury residence in Riva caccia on Lugano's lakefront.

Below you can view some of the activities developed last year: TOGNOLA GROUP