GREEK ANIMA, Hellenic spirit

Vasiliki Kouzina is a culinary project born in a red kitchen, thanks to the warmth of love and friendship. The projects that are born together with Vasiliki Kouzina are the emblem of creativity and elegance, typical traits of Vasiliki Pierrakea, a refined Hellenic soul.

Each project aims to express and convey Vasiliki's passion, culinary poetry and the philosophy of the restaurant. The leitmotif that links them is the Greek matrix, present in the colours and subjects.


Vasiliki Kouzina

Milan, IT


As a child I learned to dare.

My grandfather used to say: 'throw yourself at everything, you just have to know when and how to get out of it... and if you go back and don't know how to eat, drink and love even if you have done everything else, for me you have failed'...

Cooking for me is like the wild sound of decline, a sound that contains so much pain and so much passion... an odyssey... my sailor, my shepherd, my Penelope, the mountain, the port...
a mosaic of feelings!

The media, such as menus and thematic postcards, contemporary and evocative, take on different looks depending on the occasion or the message they convey.

The packaging, designed specifically for online and in-store sales, is a complete project that revolves around both the product and the aesthetic lines of the brand in all its nuances.

The kitchen is like the bottom of the sea.

Vasiliki Pierrakea