Varenna Holidays is the most important division of Molteni Real Estate Group: with its physical and digital presence, it attracts tourists visiting Lake Como, addressing particular attention to the international audience.

Established in 2016 to manage short rentals for vacation homes, since 2023 Varenna Holidays has been expanding its range of services by proposing tourist activities on Lake Como: boat trips, guided tours, bike rentals and typical products tastings that lead visitors to discover the sceneries and traditions of the Lake.

The real estate experience behind the brand awards clients with high-quality services and a professional, serious and reliable structure.


Varenna Holidays

Varenna, IT

The visual identity of Varenna Holidays is the result of the complete restyling of the Molteni brand, a project carried out by Memesi in 2020, which reorganized the brand architecture enhancing the role of the Group's tourism branch, enhancing its coordinated image and aligning it with the elegance of the evocative geographic context in which the business develops.

Beginning with these graphic guidelines, Varenna Holidays - given the natural commercial inclination of its offerings - has equipped itself with a substantial network of promotional materials and digital tools, ranging from the website dedicated to booking Experiences to its social accounts, Instagram and Facebook.

For Varenna Holidays, Memesi developed, recorded and edited the emotional video set among the streets of Varenna; declined the stationery for the offices and designed promotional print materials, from pocket flyers to large advertising panels.

These tools make it possible to reach tourists during the travel choice, pamper them once they are welcomed in Varenna and accompany them in the memory of the vacation, bringing them back to the broader Molteni Real Estate reality in the moment the desire to experience Lake Como goes beyond the concept of an occasional visit

The central garrison for Varenna Holidays' tourism experience offerings is the website, designed and developed by Memesi to present the Experiences offerings, filter them and book them online.

Varenna Holidays' yellow frames the web portal, defining a cheerful and neat style that is echoed in the posters; while rounded edges characterize the individual Experience cards, identifying them as selectable and cumulative elements. The drawn icons give a more playful aspect to the brand's refined image, which speaks with an engaging and lively tone of voice without losing formal elegance.

Aesthetic focus is an attribute that revolves around a clear site with a simple structure that is easy to navigate and gives the user all the information they need, according to the level of detail they look for.

Lake Como is the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen before today

Percy Bysshe Shelley