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Telema operates in the field of Human Resources and Organization. The consulting Society was founded in 1986 in Milan by Professor Riccardo G. Zuffo who also founded in 1997 Telema Brasil, in São Bernardo do Campo, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. .

The design of the new website blends the elements and method that Telema International uses in everyday life: a strong rational dose - the scientific method - that is contaminated with an irrational, artistic matrix - the paintings and works of art that populate and enliven the offices' walls of Telema offices in Baldassare Oltrocchi Street, Milan


The design hinges are reduced to the bone so as to leave ample importance to the informational elements, like the texts, and decorative elements, as the paintings.

The development of the site architecture was therefore based on the need to create a space in which the user could move with agility, receive information and stimuli without the background noise caused by superfluous elements: volumes are emptied, the color palette simplified, font weights minimized.

These choices of form and function have thus resulted in an appearance that is loaded with meaning and devoid of futile elements: there is nothing but Telema International as it appears and as it should be understood by its target audience.

scientific rigor

In  website nothing is left to chance.

The fonts, the main sans serif - able to connote the contemporary nature of Telema International - and the secondary serif - visually translating the company's remarkable experience - have precise functions clearly defined throughout the design.

Artworks, unique pieces whose sentimental value is almost inestimable, mean as much as the words or sections attached to them.

Everything is a manifestation of art, and art is everything that manifests.