Tasting texture

Turning the materiality and emotions that wood is capable of conveying into taste. This is Tasting Texture, the cadeau that TABU S.p.A. proposed on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2023, at Salone del Mobile in Milan and at the event organized in collaboration with Marie Claire Maison.

TABU is the renowned Cantù-based company that has been offering unique and innovative products for more than 90 years, combining skilled Brianza know-how and aesthetic refinement in the wood material.

From wood, to chocolate. Paying homage to the beauty of stained and assembled wood veneers by reproducing their textures on an edible surface. Food and design, cornerstones of Made in Italy, enhance each other in an irresistible format.



Four textures were used: Candy Stripes, SKEENS Optical, Onde Sonore and Ulivo. The last two presented among the TABU novelties during this edition of Milan Design Week.

Digitally reconstructed for food printing, they are enhanced by the color component, contrasting with the natural chocolate tones. The result is a small edible parallelepiped decorated with chromatic and geometric elements that come together for an unexpected result.

The textures were matched with four ganaches with unique flavors that echo their hues and appearance: passion fruit and milk chocolate, blueberry and dark chocolate, ginger and lemon and dark chocolate, and pistachio and milk chocolate.

The shell enclosing the pralines was designed and made ad hoc. Constructive simplicity gives way to an equal visual minimalism.

Mimicking by volume the vertical development of TABU products, the packaging is also identified by the textures selected for the pralines, and conveys an invitation to discover the contents, to savor their design.

The construction was constrained on several factors: conveying essentiality, but also the Company's focus on issues of sustainability and respect for the environment. TABU is, in fact, the first company in the wood industry to be certified carbon neutral. For this reason, the material and printing techniques with which the packages are made are FSC® certified and completely sustainable.

Brianza is the most luscious country in all of Italy.