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SDBA BENEFIT is the first professional firm in Italy to become a Benefit Society, and in 2022 crowns a development process with the award 100 Best in Class for digital innovation, promoted by Forbes, Euroconference and Team System.

These goals presuppose lines and shapes open to the future: a revolutionary impetus that, stylistically, is rooted in the tradition and successes achieved over the years by the brand coined by the Della Bella brothers.

Hence the visible and marked contrast of shapes in the new visual identity of SDBA, formerly Studio Della Bella Associato.


Modern elegance.
A concise, essential and statuesque brand.
A solid structure, as effective visually as it is comprehensive in meaning.

Each letter is an expression of the peculiarities and characteristics intrinsic to the Studio's identity, with contrasting weights alluding to the Studio's ability to adapt to its context and to its daily challenges.

The font families chosen express the Brand's characteristics: Miracle, a modern sans serif with nostalgic yet futuristic features, and Aceh, also sans serif, geometric and with sharp and soft shapes.


Minimalism, minimalism and concise elegance are the cornerstones of SDBA's visual identity.
The aesthetics are carefully thought out down to the smallest detail, and the obsessive attention to detail is also evident in the choice of paper supports and in the printing enhancements.

Colorplan White Frost paper was chosen for the print tools, produced in collaboration with Grafica Gioia: FSC certified and additive-free, it is iconic for its materiality and colour. It has been associated with special processing and finishing, such as screen printing and hot stamping lamination.

The result is a unique, elegant and refined press kit, coordinated in every single detail.

The firm's new corporate identity is expressed in a variety of digital and non-digital media, which are used to communicate the firm's identity on different levels.

This has led to the creation of various tools, such as the SDBA Magazine, a periodical providing information and in-depth analysis of topics of interest to the firm, or digital media for presentations and conferences organised by SDBA.

The Studio is also particularly attentive to the production of branded promotional tools and gadgets of the highest quality, on which the coordinated image is depicted in all its forms. A meticulous work that synthesises a strong character.

Success is a consequence, not a goal.

Guastave Falubert