Pasticceria Citterio, the Italian Best Bakery, blends innovation and tradition, respecting handcrafted raw materials.

An itinerary aimed at enhancing the work of Pasty Chef Cristiano Villa and the products that have made Pasticceria Citterio famous, thanks to a curated communication strategy.

These are the interpretation keys of the project: planning communication activities allows to enhance both the philosophy and the products.

The goal is to convey to the customers of the pastry shop the love and passion that distinguishes Cristiano and his collaborators: a sincere love, a genuine passion.


Pasticceria Citterio

Canzo, IT

Memesi accompanied Pasticceria Citterio to a new milestone. Just on its 100th birthday, Italy's latest Best Bakery was selected as a Shopify Success Story.

Shopify, an e-commerce platform as well as the world leader in the industry, has chosen Pasticceria Citterio as a case history and testimonial for its nationwide promotional campaign.

In fact, Pasticceria Citterio 's online shop was developed on the Shopify platform, of which Memesi is an authorized partner.

The campaign, conveyed through a short movie, promotes this case of success that has managed to combine the tradition of a historic pastry shop with the innovation of modern tools: a look to the future, that of Pastry Chef Cristiano Villa.

The pastry shop's digital communication follows a cross-media strategy of coordination between social media, showcase website and online shop.

Special attention is paid to anniversaries such as Christmas and Easter, for which polite ad hoc creativity is applied, expertly declined according to the instrument. This is possible thanks to the constant production of content - photographic, video and graphic - fielded by Memesi.

Attention to the demands of the end customer and sales trends are reflected in the daily choices for updating and publishing content.

The creative and strategic thread also runs through the offline promotion and communication tools, whereby particular attention is paid to the aesthetic component, which is consistent and effective in every single form.

This is why the Brand Pasticceria Citterio is synonymous with style and character, strong in its visual identity as modern as it is delicate in its forms.

Each instrument is an expression of the philosophy and aesthetic sense that each customer can find in Cristiano's creations.

Love, like gluttony, are pleasures of great satisfaction.

Italo Calvin