Bread of today, flavor of yesteryear

From flour, bread. This is how a product with a noble, warm and fragrant soul comes to life.

Panificio Tagliabue 1921 devotes itself with love to the evolution of the product: the best raw materials are processed with respect and enhanced with passion.
Hence the pressing need to bake, against the tide. When the world runs fast Paolo and Marco Tagliabue, the fourth generation of bakers, decide to increase the artisan component and the return to manual skills.

This innovative component, on the occasion of the centenary, is communicated decisively and clearly to the public.

Memesi supports Panifico Tagliabue 1921 in this journey, analyzing and developing the best strategy and operations to communicate this important milestone.


Panificio Tagliabue

Lecco, IT 

At the base of the project of valorisation and narration of the Centenary and of the Brand Panificio Tagliabue 1921, the story of the Family: Bruno, Enrico, Paolo and Marco, the protagonists who succeeded Ernesto and Rosa.

Words, anecdotes and secrets enclosed in a creative timeline rich in tradition and shots with a strong artisanal flavour.


The graphic element summarises the need to communicate the centenary in an imperative way.

If on the one hand it alters the original pictogram, on the other it enhances it, because it does not invade it but follows its development.

The triangular elements are intended to calligraphically resume the radii of the original form, to highlight the element of "handwriting", a tangible sign left by the Tagliabue family.

The site, a disruptive tool designed to convey the values and philosophy of the bakery, disruptive compared to the panorama of competitors, revolves around the Tagliabue family, immortalised in emotional and modern shots, told in the story, full of passion, and in the products that have become famous for their genuine goodness.

The narrative thread is also evident on Panificio Tagliabue 1921's social channels, with constant planning that alternates know-how with the taste of the past.

There is no love more sincere than that for bread.

Paolo and Marco Tagliabue