Molteni Real Estate is a well-established company that has been offering real estate services on Lake Como for more than forty years. With over 5 offices, from Lecco to Varenna, it caters for demanding, international customers.

Knowledge and experience are combined with the strong family imprint, given by the presence of two generations in the business, allowing them to offer a complete and transversal service with respect to the real estate market of reference.

The communication project arose from the need to analyse the brand and its characteristics, reorganise its communication methods, and enhance the identity of what is now one of the most significant and well-known real estate companies on the eastern shore of Lake Como.


Molteni Real Estate

Lake Como, EN


The final aim of the analysis phase is the drafting of the Communication Plan for Molteni Real Estate. The various project steps, including an in-depth market survey, have made it possible to identify the main and secondary activities, as well as to define the timeline of actions that can be implemented for corporate communication.

This document, a vademecum for all those involved in the project on a daily basis, describes the key concepts around which Molteni Real Estate's communication revolves: planning of activities, strategic and value guidelines, communication actions and key tools.

The rebranding, a key activity of the project, has roots as deep as the Lake itself: the intersection between the facets of the business and the history of Molteni family, as deeply rooted in the town of Varenna as it is brilliant for its entrepreneurial spirit.

Molteni is Varenna, Varenna is Molteni. Here the town emerges from the waters of Lake Como, coloured by the surrounding landscape. The trademark is truncated at the base to emphasise how the town and the family grow on the slopes, lapped by the lake.

Offspring of these lines is Varenna Holidays, the youngest brand of the Molteni Real Estate group: a business that offers rentals and vacation homes mainly to foreign users who are enchanted by Lake Como and its beauty.

That branch of Lake Como, which turns to the noon

Alessandro Manzoni