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MèDISIN is an innovative company that has distinguished itself in the healthcare industry through its unique multi-year expertise and alternative business philosophy. Founded in 2011, MèDISIN has gained significant market share through the quality and value of its products.

Memesi collaborated with this corporate excellence on several fronts, starting with the definition of the new coordinated graphic design and various promotional tools, laying the groundwork for a new visual corollary that defines the tone of voice, aesthetics, and canons to be followed for upcoming projects. This complex project required careful consideration of the specific needs of the healthcare sector, ensuring that each element effectively communicated MèDISIN's high standing and expertise.




The starting point of the project was the definition of a corporate identity that would reflect the brand positioning and permeate internal and external corporate communication in all its aspects. For this reason, starting with the definition and color recalibration of the logo, useful for working on Pantone hues, perceptual hierarchies were identified through various paper products: Colorplan Mid Green, Cordenons MyFlora Gardenia and Cordenons MyRecyco White. This triptych reflects both the company's focus on environmental sustainability issues and its philosophy related to using natural, premium products for its products, including advanced medical devices.

These materials were combined with bold, low-contrast print colors to convey the company's modernity and fresh thinking.

The corporate coordinate developed is modern and streamlined, structured by breaking down the corporate brand into two distinct levels: pictogram and logotype alternate in size according to a defined relationship, building a compact and consistent layout. This approach ensures a clear and distinctive visual representation, reflecting MèDISIN's unique identity.

Subsequent to this design phase, the aesthetic lines of the brand, which will guide MèDISIN's visual communication in the target industry, were carefully identified. These guidelines are manifested through various promotional tools, each designed to meet specific communication objectives. This set of promotional materials includes brochures, catalogs, presentations and other visual elements, all designed to convey the company's core values.

The overall visual result is an appealing company, attentive to emerging trends and at the forefront of contemporary aesthetics. MèDISIN thus presents itself as a visually coherent and modern entity, capable of attracting and communicating effectively with its target audience.

MèDISIN new cordinated image Memesi Communication Studio
MèDISIN Memesi Como communication studio new coordinated

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