Workspace Solutions

HCD - Workspace Solutions is a design and sales studio for office and shopfitting solutions. HCD's activity merges its philosophy in the acronym Human Centred Design.

The restyling of the brand's corporate image, and the design of the new website, have solid roots in the very genesis of the firm's activity.

The human at the centre. Continuous research aimed at maximising the relationship between man and work space, working on ergonomics, quality of materials, light and colour, sound, elements that the body directly consumes.

The focus of HCD - Workspace Solutions is anthropocentric design (D. Norman). As a design abstract this particular assumption.




The HCD - Workspace Solutions brand intrinsically represents the main characteristics of the professionals who live and animate it, the peculiarities of a strong and particularly effective method, and the business objectives.

A clear, geometric, sharp and rational graphic representation. A plan, i.e. the daily scope of work, an acronym and a payoff, contained proportionally in the plan itself.

Outside the plan there is nothing.

The clear-cut positions allow for a multi-layered reading: from the acronym it is possible to trace back to the statement 'Human Workspace Solutions', reinforcing what can be defined as the very mission of the brand.


The Logo construction module totally dictates the development of the corporate image. From it, in fact, an aesthetic as well as functional grid is created, which animates the tools for daily use and the website.

During the design phase of the brand, much thought was also given to which typeface could best represent the company, paying particular attention to meaning and communication objectives. This led to the identification of the Univers font: bold, rational, iconographic in design.


The new coworking space in downtown Novara: the space you wanted, only when you want it. Born from the idea of Luca Caccia and Erica Fasoli, the founders of HCD - Workspace Solution, it offers iconic and characterful work environments in the heart of the City. The website was designed and developed for this dynamic and modern reality, with the aim of bringing customers' needs closer to the services of The Work District. A light, concise and rational structure, with the key that distinguishes HCD - Workspace Solutions: design and contemporaneity.

Complicating is easy, simplifying is difficult.

Bruno Munari