Wellness in Lugano Paradiso

The new space in Lugano Paradiso. The project, under the sign of wellbeing understood in the broadest sense, is the brainchild of three young professionals who see rehabilitation as the key to caring for the human body.

It is exactly from this assumption that the idea for the brand's visual identity takes shape: the physical as a complex layering of closely related, unique and delicate layers.

The deeper the physical recovery process, the more the body is able to heal.
The more thorough the research, the more the semiotic meaning emerges and acquires value.


Fisiolab Paradiso

Lugano, CH


A trunk, solid and strong. Support for countless branches and leaves, which follow one another over time.

A sectioned trunk, as if to look inside, to understand its structure, analyse its elements, study its movements.

Three rings. Three circular, irregular and concentric components that tell of the life of this organism, the experience and the lived. Also the future. Three like the founding members of Fisiolab.

Everything revolves around this element, natural and at the same time articulated. As complex as the human body, as intricate as its innards.

The Fisiolab desk set is made of Cordenons Wild Natural paper, produced with 35% cotton fibres. The shades of this paper take inspiration from the earth.

The choice of materials was dictated by the need to produce an elegant co-ordinate that is distinctive in feel and appearance. For this reason, cream screen printing was used as the printing technique on Wild Brown.

Nature does not tolerate incurable health.

Thomas Bernhard