db HUB was founded as an aggregator of leading local firms in northern Italy. An excellent expression of the territories of origin, a widespread study of primary importance that stands out for its ability to create value for the territory.

An ambitious, innovative, disruptive project. Such a strong identity needs an equally clear, distinctive image with character.

The coordinated image, the result of a brand created ad hoc for db HUB, expresses all the novelty that the company's vision and mission encapsulate: making the difference.


db HUB

Northern Italy


Marketing Plan 2021: GMARK

Benefit & B Corp: 24Bottles®


db HUB, aggregator of excellence. A team in motion, made up of professionals who believe in the process of continuous improvement.
A team effort, to build tomorrow, TOGETHER. A better future, solid and prosperous over time.

This is the db HUB identity, born from the brilliant minds of Stefano and Lorenzo Della Bella, two successful professionals and entrepreneurs, two dynamic figures open to innovation and progress.
Their dream is to create a positive social impact for the territories in which db HUB is spread.

From Lake Como, whose wave movements it picks up, db HUB pushes and gives the decisive impetus forward, without ever gaining the upper hand: like the lake's current, it remains underwater, although its distinguishing feature is what leaves its mark.

Each studio is a unique and unrepeatable identity with its own fingerprint.

The spirit of the first professional HUB is both vital and ambitious, like orange, but wants to be as balanced as anthracite grey.

Its reality is closed, but without physical limits: it can grow and develop, remaining solid and cohesive.

People are at the centre.

Talent development is a key asset for the success of the project. In order to reduce the distance between the HUBs and to make employees feel part of a single group, a Welcome Kit has been designed to accompany them throughout their working life, and beyond.

The water bottle developed in collaboration with 24Bottles® is an example of this.

We wanted to select this brand to ensure consistency with the mission; making a positive impact on the local context means making the right choices, including selecting a B Corp certified Benefit Society as our partner.

What is not useful to the swarm
is not useful to the bee either.

Marcus Aurelius