Enlightened Visionary

Alvin Grassi represents the most contemporary concept of hospitality today.
Glamour, know-how and sophistication are the cornerstones of the work of this visionary designer.

The rebranding is therefore dictated by the need to express the essence of Alvin Grassi with aesthetic synthesis, capable of conveying the Brand in the reference market, on an international scale.


One name, a new visual identity. The brand encapsulates the journey of a Creative, rooted in a well-rounded background: fashion, art, architecture and design.

Essentiality is therefore the design matrix of a graphic sign, which can be remodelled and modulated around a perfect figure, the square: solid and stable, like a container of Alvin Grassi's creativity.

In order to respond to the various communication needs, a brand with different variants was devised: naming, naming and payoff, abbreviation, abbreviation and payoff.

A brand with three colour variables: black, beige and burgundy. The first, absolute and full, in contrast with the second, delicate and refined. This combination is tempered by the third, the colour of elegance par excellence.

aesthetic reductionism

The aesthetic canons with which the corporate image has been developed are the essentiality of an almost nostalgic reductionism. A well-defined constructive cage has made it possible to design tools for everyday use, capable of transmitting synthetic capacity and absolute aesthetics.

For the paper instruments, Colorplan Mist was selected, a particular paper known for its peculiarities, able to enhance warm and strong colours. In association, Gmund Heidi Dull Black.

Portrait by Guido Stazzoni
Portrait by Guido Stazzoni

My design does not seeks followers,
it seeks lovers.