Memesi creates #ilmenumobile. The first request comes from Italy's "Best Bakery 2020"

Memesi creates #ilmenumobile. The first request comes from Italy's "Best Bakery 2020"

Given the directives of the new decree, which prohibits the use of paper menus by businesses such as restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as their use by customers, Memesi wanted to find a smart and effective solution to stem a problem that all the realities of the territory, and beyond, are experiencing.

By scanning a QR Code through the camera of your smartphone, you can safely browse the menu in digital format, where the presence of numerous interactive links make it easy to consult. This QR Code is printed on waterproof stickers, which can be applied directly to tables or protective barriers, which are now in vogue, or on ecological "disposable menus" in business card format. The provision of these two solutions, which can be opted for depending on the needs and nature of the activity, is included in the service.

In addition, to increase the visibility of the menu, inside and outside an activity, we also provide a digital poster, containing some information for customers, as well as the QR Code itself; the innkeeper thus has the possibility of developing it on formats and materials that best reflect the image of reality, allowing even those waiting for their turn to get their mouths watering.

"The mobile menu", unlike other solutions such as apps or cumbersome anti-aesthetic patches, aims to offer a concrete response to current needs, in a simple, inexpensive and affordable way, regardless of the level of digitalisation of users.

In a short time this initiative has had the favor of important realities in the area, first of all Pasticceria Citterio di Canzo, winner of the second edition of Best Bakery Italia. it has also quickly traveled all over the boot, involving the most diverse activities, but also valuable initiatives related to Lake Como, such as the nonprofit organization smolXcomo with which we have activated a partnership that will allow us to offer extra help to the activities of the Como area.