Memesi Toward the future: we are a Benefit Society

Memesi into the future

We made an important decision.

We considered it, rejected it, resumed it, unraveled it and finally approved it. One day we looked at each other and realized that a better future is one that includes everyone, regardless of profit. Creating economic value is fundamental to a business, but we came to the conclusion that having the common welfare as a goal is paramount.

We have decided to become a Benefit Society. Our purpose from now on will be to operate responsibly, sustainably and transparently towards people, communities, territories, the environment, cultural and social goods and activities, entities and other stakeholders.

We will strive toward the pursuit of a common good from two basic instances: relationship and action. Connecting and promoting relationships and actions devoted to the common good will make the path easier and more shareable.

We will aim for true collaboration with nonprofit organizations, foundations, associations, administrations, corporations, and individuals who share and aspire to the same goals as we do. 

Amplifying this positive message and being ambassadors of a project we believe in so strongly will be a feature we will celebrate every day, trying to inspire more and more companies to take the same path as us, supporting initiatives and raising awareness among our stakeholders.

Fundamental stepin this transformation will be the promotion of the territory and all the realities present: our main goal will be to make a global vision of cooperation proactive, where no one feels excluded, everyone is listened to and everyone can aspire to concrete development. 

Change of this magnitude takes time, which is why we will strive to share our thinking with those who already work with us and those who will in the future. How? By supporting cultural, environmental, social and sports promotion initiatives, as long as they are consistent with our goal and adhere to our own ambitions. 

Economic value, in this case, would take a back seat: if our purpose is to educate and support initiatives that promote the common welfare, we are willing to offer "facilitated" support so that our common aspirations can have a tangible and concrete result.

Leaving a mark is important. Our path may not be straightforward, may run into some difficulties, but we are certain that if the purpose is great and right, no kind of obstacle will come to harm. 

We want to grow and walk in the right way, and that is what we set out to do: to keep heading toward a better future.