M1% chooses NoiVoiLoro for 2024

M1% chooses NoiVoiLoro for 2024

Also for this year we are pleased to announce the continuation of our Memes1% project. The project was created to return value to the local community by supporting an associative reality that brings a positive impact on the territory through the donation of 1% of our turnover and the organization of an event with the purpose of promoting the chosen reality and its activities to all our stakeholders.

This year we have chosen WeVoiLoro of Grass.

It is a nonprofit dedicated to helping people in need, particularly people with disabilities. NoiVoiLoro was founded in 1987 and is now one of the leading associations in the area and a key reference for families of people with disabilities, counting about 290 volunteers, social cooperatives and an amateur sports association.

The goal of NoiVoiLoro is to assist people with disabilities and promote a new way of understanding disability through differentiated activities managed by various internal organizations. For example, NoiVoiLoro deals with socio-educational activities for people with disabilities but also with their job placement and Paralympic sports activities.

The choice of this reality for the M1% of 2024 project is dictated by our desire to improve social development by supporting one of the most solid and most present realities in the area.

Memesi, as part of this project, is therefore committed to supporting NoiVoiLoro's many activities but also to promoting the association and its values with its stakeholders, creating a bridge between the increasingly interconnected worlds of profit and nonprofit.