Blooming Room: Memesi's new project close to young people

Blooming Room:
the new project of Memesi close to young people

To bloom, to blossom, to develop one's person and skills. This is the purpose of the container - room - that Memesi creates within its creative activity: to flourish the talents of young men and women students by introducing them to the world of work.

By involving undergraduates and students from post-diploma courses in concrete Real Customer projects, Memesi contributes to the orientation, training and job placement of young creatives.

Stepping outside the academic perimeter, participants will be able to step into the real working world, personally following a project from start to finish and making the greatest contribution, with constant supervision and careful strategic and creative direction from experienced figures.

The Blooming Room is the safe space to get involved: when it comes to work, nothing is more formative than becoming familiar with responsibility and being a spokesperson for a project. Through this experience, the curriculum is supplemented and complemented by the learn by doing approach.

Blooming Room also proves to be particularly beneficial for participating companies, freelancers, associations and public bodies. Giving confidence to students who try their hand at this project highlights a set of values that can be communicated to enhance reputation in their economic and social reference context, as well as ensuring access to quality service in possible times of crisis for the company.

The selection of future Bloomers is always open; to apply, simply send an email to with a personal introduction and, if present, your portfolio.
In 2023, the first collaborations will be established with universities, which can become promoters of the initiative by offering new possibilities and experiences to their members.

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