Niscìurìtt d'Oro is a project that is part of Pasticceria Citterio's centenary year, and includes the chance to win 5 9kt Niscìurìtt d'Oro, which will also be your pass to access the Pastry Workshop and experience a masterclass of your choice with Pastry Chef Cristiano Villa.

"I am happy and excited to host the winners and their families in the Pastry Workshop, where it all began. The latter will be able to choose from three different masterclasses: Frosted Cakes, Macaroons and Sideboard Cakes," recalls Cristiano, owner of the famous pastry shop and winner of Best Bakery Italia.

The conception, development and management of this project was handled in its entirety by. Memesi, a communications agency that has been following the Pastry Shop on a daily basis since 2019 and was inspired by the mythical story of Willy Wonka to package this success story.

"It was a challenging but very stimulating project, and we believe we had the winning idea precisely because we combined the historicity of the Citterio brand with that of a product that has made the small town of Canzo famous, thus bringing value to the entire local context and actively involving the public in a sort of treasure hunt"-said Luca Bernasconi, owner of Memesi.

These little golden nuggets can be found in the Niscìurìtt packages, which will change format and graphics from June to September to align with the coordinated image of the Centenary and the entire competition.

"The packaging and in general all the communication of the project recalls the imagery of 100 years ago, with Art Deco lines that celebrate the past, while winking at our times thanks to a skilful use of graphic elements and production materials, as can be seen in the CENTO logo that made its first appearance in January," Cristiano Villa recalls.

The chance to find the Niscìurìtt d'Oro will not only be reserved for customers who daily set foot in the Canzo and Erba shops, but also those who use the online shop will have the chance to win the precious prize and the Masterclass, to which they can bring their family.

"Enhancing the local context also means reinventing customs and traditions, highlighting and making accessible the small success stories that are the soul of all Italy. The Niscìurìtt, a Made in Citterio reinterpretation of the noble Nocciolino di Canzo, is the symbol of the union between tradition and innovation, as is the concept we have put behind the whole project,' concludes Luca Bernasconi.